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The NBTA is a professional organization that serves its 6,000 teacher members and promotes the value of publicly funded education in New Brunswick.

Deadline: Certification Changes


Oct 31 2022


All Day

Apply to have previous work experience count: If you are a new teacher who has previous work experience that is related to teaching, you may apply to the Office of Teacher Certification to have it considered for an increase on your salary grid. The form you need is available from the NBTA website . Click on the Certification button and download the form called Application for Work-Related Experience for Salary Purposes. You should also contact your district office to ensure that all supply teaching experience has been credited.

Don’t forget to apply for your certification increase: The form you need is available from the NBTA website . Click the Certification button and look for the Application for Upgrading Teacher Certification Level at the bottom of the page with other forms. Don’t forget to include the evaluation fee!

October 31st is the deadline to have the increase back-dated to July 1, 2022.

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