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Requirements for an Interim Teaching Certificate in New Brunswick:

The Department of Education has determined the following requirements for the granting of an Interim Teaching Certificate.

    The basic requirements of a recognized Education program consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours of Education courses plus a practicum, and a total of 138 credit hours from all university coursework for Level 4 certification eligibility. Level 5 requires a 60 credit hour Education Program including the practicum (45 credit hours in Education coursework plus practicum), and a total of 168 credit hours from all university coursework.

    Note: Level Four is no longer accepted as minimum qualifications in NB. However, if you are currently certified to teach in another Canadian province or international jurisdiction which does these requirements for Level 4, you may be eligible to receive an Interim Teaching Certificate. The NB Office of Teacher Certification will need to evaluate your credentials to determine your eligibility. (See section below on Other Canadian Provinces)

Additional Requirements: : an endorsement and major in Elementary Education require coursework in: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Art, and Music.

For Secondary Education, a major in a Teachable subject is required. (Click here for a list of "Teachables" as designated by the NB Department of Education.

Major/Minors are calculated using 30:0 and 24:18 ratios. If you do not have a minor in a teachable subject of at least 18 credit hours, the major must have a minimum of 30 credit hours. If you have a minor, the major needs to be at least 24 credit hours. For example, if you have 30 cr hrs of Math courses, you have a major in math and do not require a minor. If you only had 24 cr hrs of Math, this would still give you a major but you would need a minor in another subject, say Physics, which would require 18 cr hrs in that subject.

Are these requirements the same as for all other Canadian provinces?

Each Canadian province has its own set of requirements for a teacher's licence. While the registrars for the respective provinces do often collaborate, there are some differences in the required credit hours and/or subject specificity. For example, to teach Elementary Ed in NB you must have a Music credit and a Phys Ed credit. This is not the case in all other provinces , so teachers who have received their BEd in another jurisdiction often are required by the office of Teacher Certification to acquire these credits before they are eligible for a permanent certificate.

If you received your BEd outside of New Brunswick, you will need to be certified in that jurisdiction before being eligible in this province, and initially you will be applying for an "Interim Teacher's Certificate." This "Interim Teacher's Certificate" is valid for 4 years and can be converted to a permanent Teacher's Certificate following 2 years of successful teaching in New Brunswick public schools and any other conditions that may be prescribed, such as the additional credit courses necessary to meet the NB requirements.

This could mean that you will be placed on a lower certification level than what you hold in your current province and your position on the salary scale will be affected until you complete the additional courses required.

What forms do I need to complete to apply for a Teaching Certificate in New Brunswick?

If you have received your BEd or education training from a province other than New Brunswick, or a country other than Canada, you will need the Out of Province Application and Information or the Out of Country Application and Information.

Complete the form and follow the instructions for sending it.

You may also be asked for a Letter or Statement of Professional Standing. This is an official document from your Certification agency that verifies you are in good standing in this province and that your credentials have not been revoked. The Application for Letter/Statement of Professional Standing can be downloaded here.

You should also apply to have your previous teaching experience credited for salary purposes. You will need to supply supporting documentation from your previous employers.

You may download the Application for Evaluation of Work Experience from this site.

Note: There are two deadline dates for this application: October 31 (your salary may be backdated to September) or March 31( for backdating salary to January 2). Even if you do not have all the supporting documentation on hand, make sure the OTC has your application form by these dates. The Office fax is 1-506-444-4761.

How do I go about finding teaching available jobs in New Brunswick?

Certification of teachers in NB is the responsibility of the province, but hiring is a district responsibility. Each of the Anglophone and Francophone School Districts post positions on their respective websites and in local and provincial newspapers. Applications must be made for these individual positions. For a list of websites for NB School Districts, click here: http://www.gnb.ca/0000/web/web-e.asp

If you are already certified in another province, you may apply for such positions even if your paperwork at the Office of Teacher Certification is pending. However, the evaluation from the OTC will determine your certification level and therefore, your place on the salary grid.

Beware that you may not be placed at the same certificate level as you hold in another province, if your university coursework does not meet the NB requirements. The District cannot guarantee your salary until final evaluation from the Certification Branch.

Teacher Scenarios:

Teacher A:
Teacher A has taught in Ontario for 3 years on a certificate 5. However, when she came to NB, the Office of Teacher Certification said she only qualified for a Certificate 4 here and thus her salary is not what she thought it would be. What is going on?

Teacher A has probably completed her BEd program in an Ontario university and many of these have programs that require fewer credit hours than the 168 cr hours (including 45 credit hours of education courses plus a practicum) required here in NB. If the letter from the OTC did not specify how many credits short she is, Teacher A should contact the Office of Teacher Certification and find out exactly how many courses she needs.

If it is cert 5 she is working toward, she may choose undergrad courses or courses from NBTA or AICE. Click here to go to requirements for a Cert 4 Teacher Working on Cert 5.

Teacher B:
Teacher B has been teaching for many years in Australia and has just relocated to New Brunswick. When she applied for her teaching credentials, she was told that she is not eligible to teach here. How can this be?

Teacher B was probably teaching with a teacher training program (like Teachers College) or some sort of certificate that is less than a four or five year BEd. The NB Regulations require a BEd as a minimum degree in order to be a certified teacher here in NB.

The same is true of a person who may be eligible to teach in New York (where they have fast tracked programs and lower requirements due to severe teacher shortages). In New Brunswick, it is a requirement to have a BEd. These teachers may be able to do some short term relief work (only in areas where there are no qualified teachers available) but will otherwise need to contact a university to see about completing a BEd. Their previous teaching experience may be accepted in lieu of the require practicum.

Note: There are rare cases where if a District has advertised for a qualified teacher and has been unable to fulfill a position, the District may offer a contract position to an uncertified teacher. That teacher may be granted an Interim Certificate and will be required to fulfill the requirements for a BEd within a prescribed period.

This is a very rare occurrence and usually only applies in highly specialized fields where qualified teachers are difficult to access.

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