Schools Executive Constitution

Branch 1608
Articles of Constitution

(Adopted 1946: Revised February 1953, November 1956, September 1962, October 1967, February 1972, May 1986, May 1989, April 1991, May 2003 )


    The name of this organization shall be NBTA Branch 1608, herein after referred to as the Branch.

ARTICLE 2: Objects

    The objects of the branch shall be:
    a) to support and participate in the activities of the New Brunswick Teachers Association
    b) to establish and maintain friendly relations among the teachers of the branch
    c) to advance the interests of education in the District and elsewhere
    d) to assist in the Professional Learning of its members

ARTICLE 3: Membership

    a) any teacher as defined in the act of incorporation or NBTA by laws, excepting active members of the AEFNB, shall be a member in the NBTA branch in his/her district. If there is no NBTA branch in his/her district, he/she may join the branch of his/her choice.
    b) The District superintendent, the Director of the district and District school supervisors may become associate members of the branch if they become associate members of the NBTA
    c) any teacher who retires on pension while a member of the branch in good standing shall be offered an honorary life member of the branch but may not sit on the executive committee of the branch


    a) each member of the branch shall pay an annual membership fee
    b) the amount of the dues shall be $5.00 and shall be paid by all active members on a purely voluntary basis

ARTICLE 5: Representative Council

    a) A Representative Council shall conduct the business of the branch.
    b) The Representative Council shall consist of:
      i) an executive committee to consist of a President, immediate past president, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director
      ii) an alternate Director who may vote in the Directors absence
      iii) Representatives from schools outlined in Article 5 c
    c) Representatives shall be chosen by the following guidelines
      i) Each school shall elect a representative on the ratio of 1 for every 25 teachers or portion thereof
      ii) Each school shall elect an alternate for each representative
      iii) School representatives are to be elected at their schools before end of the first week of school
      iv) Any school, which has a member of the Executive committee on staff, must elect another person as representative.
      v) Teachers travelling between two or more schools cannot serve as a representative for more than one school.
    d) Duties of the Representative Council
      i) Each representative shall be required to attend all Representative Council meetings. If two consecutive meetings are missed, the alternate shall assume the role of representative and a new alternate shall be elected.
      ii) The representative shall report to staff meetings and/or individuals of his/her school.
      iii) The representative shall call meetings of the teachers in his/her school when necessary
      iv) The representative shall organize in-school elections for representatives and alternates.
    e) Representatives may serve up to two consecutive years.

ARTICLE 6: Meetings

    a) The meeting of the election of officers shall be the last meeting of the school year and shall be called the Annual General Meeting of the branch.
    b) There shall be a minimum of four Representative Council meetings plus an annual general meeting for the general membership, per school year. Tentative times and places for such meetings shall be proposed by the executive committee at its first meeting.
    c) The Executive committee and/or the Representative Council may call a general meeting at any time.
    d) The first meeting of the Representative Council shall be held before September 30.
    e) Representatives or alternates must attend meetings and members may attend with voting privileges.
    f) The Executive Committee must meet in the month prior to a Representative Council meeting and may meet at any time deemed necessary.
    g) Notices of meetings, together with an agenda should be sent to each school in the district at least eight calendar days prior to the date for which the meeting is called.
    h) A special meeting may be called by the President upon written request of ten or more members.
    i) A special meeting must be called by the President upon written request by twenty five or more members of the branch.
    j) Business of the Representative Council shall not be conducted unless a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of 50% of the Representative Council + one.
    k) A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of 2/3, one of which must be the President or Vice President

ARTICLE 7: Executive Committee

    a) Duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
      i) to direct and supervise the affairs of the branch between Representative Council meetings in conformity with policies and directives of the branch as appearing in the minutes of meetings of the said branch.
      ii) to have such further powers and carry out such other duties as assigned to it by the branch from time to time.
      iii) to report to each Representative Council meeting on all actions and decisions taken or made by it since the last meeting
    b) A Representative Council meeting may, by a two thirds majority vote, rescind, revoke, annul, or overrule acts or decisions taken or made by the executive committee; otherwise all actions taken shall stand effective.
    c) Executive Committee appointments shall be for a term of two years from the time of election, with the exception of Director who is appointed for a term of three years
    d) In the event that a member of the Executive committee needs to be replaced, the replacement shall be for the remainder of the original Executive Committee member's term.

ARTICLE 8: Elections for Executive Committee

    a) The nominating committee to bring in a proposed slate of officers for the following school year shall be appointed at the Representative Council meeting immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting of the branch.
    b) The nominating committee shall present its written report for publication on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.
    c) Should there be two or more candidates for a position on the Executive Committee, the election shall be by secret ballot.
    d) Voting by secret ballot shall continue, dropping the nominee with the lowest number of votes until one candidate has obtained a clear majority (50%+1) of the members present

ARTICLE 9: Local Committees and Committee Chairpersons

    a) The Executive Committee shall appoint these and such appointments shall be made known at the first regular meeting of the representative council.
    b) Committee chairpersons must report in person or in writing to all representative council meetings.

ARTICLE 10: Branch Delegates to the Provincial Annual General Meeting

    a) The President, and either the President-Elect or the vice president shall attend the AGM as delegates.
    b) Alternate delegates shall be elected from the Representative Council for the delegates listed in 10(a)
    c) In addition to the delegates designated in a), and b), the Director shall automatically attend according to Provincial guidelines. The Alternate Director shall be the Director's Alternate to the Provincial AGM

ARTICLE 11: Amendments

    a) No change or changes in the constitution may be made without notice of motion of such change or changes having been announced at the preceding Representative Council meeting.
    b) The constitution and/or bylaws may be amended at any Annual General Meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, provided that those constitute a majority of the members in good standing and that notice had been made at the previous Representative Council meeting
    c) By laws may be amended for extenuating circumstances by the Representative Council, by a two-thirds majority vote. Such action shall be ratified by the general membership. Such ratification shall be item number one on the agenda of the next general meeting of the branch

By Laws

    1. The articles and by laws of the constitution shall be made available at the first representative council meeting in each school year

    2. It shall be the responsibility of the secretary to preserve at least one copy of the constitution with all amendments.

    3. No member of the branch shall hold office of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer for more than two years in succession, unless recommended and approved by the Annual General Meeting.

    4. All business sessions of meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of order³most recent edition.

    5. A bank account shall be maintained and all branch business of financial nature shall be transacted over the signatures of the Treasurer and either President, Vice President or Secretary.

    6. At the invitation of the President, members of the Executive Committee may be seated onstage during business meetings.

    7. Except at the discretion of the President, no meeting of the Executive Committee or any other group of teachers organized for some particular purpose shall be scheduled to coincide with any part of the program of a general meeting with the exception of the social gathering.

    8. a) Payment for transportation to meetings shall be the responsibility of the individual teachers, not the branch
    b) Transportation of members of the Executive Committee attending meetings of that committee will be paid by the branch at the rate to correspond with that of the NBTA if said committee so requests.
    c) Authorized branch representatives on duly authorized branch business may be compensated at the above rate if a request is made at the next earliest Representative Council Meeting
    d) Transportation of persons invited from outside the branch area to attend branch meetings will be paid at the rate paid by the NBTA

    9. There shall be a courtesy committee that will carry out its duties in accordance with the guidelines established by the branch. The general treasury of the branch shall pay courtesy expenses.

    10. Duties and Privileges of Officers
    It shall be the responsibility of the President and Treasurer to pay, at its earliest convenience, all bills accruing from the normal branch requirements or from activities authorized by the branch.

    The President shall-
    a) be presiding officer of the branch, chairperson of the Executive Committee and ex-officio member of all committees
    b) have general supervision over all branch affairs
    c) have authority to call special meetings, connected with the general public or NBTA
    d) present, at the Annual General Meeting, a report of the activities of the branch since the previous annual meeting

    The Vice President shall-
    In the absence or disability of the president, perform all duties of the president
    The Secretary shall-
    a) be the custodian of all records and correspondence of the branch, except financial
    b) take and keep in the name of the branch an accurate record of all Executive, Representative and general meetings
    c) be responsible for sending to branch members notices of meetings of the branch
    d) be responsible for providing copies of minutes of Representative Council meetings to the representatives within 8 calendar days before the next meeting

    The Treasurer shall-
    a) receive all branch monies and deposit them in a chartered bank in the name of the branch
    b) along with the President or Secretary, be a signing officer of the branch and make all payments by cheque.
    c) keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures and render a financial statement to the annual general meeting.
    d) cause the financial records of the branch to be audited immediately prior to the Annual Meeting

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