Schools Executive Constitution

Branch 1724
Articles of Constitution

Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be the N.B.T.A Branch 1724 hereinafter referred to as the Branch.

Article II - Definitions

a) "Association" shall mean the New Brunswick Teachers' Association.
b) "Member" - any teacher as defined in the Act of Incorporation or NBTA by-laws, excepting active members of the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick (AEFNB), shall be eligible for membership in the NBTA Branch in his/her district. If there is no NBTA Branch in his/her district, he/she may join the NBTA Branch of his/her choice.
c) "Branch" shall mean that body of members duly constituted by the Association.
d) "Executive" shall be the Executive Committee of the Branch.

Article III - Branch Authority and Responsibility

The Branch is free to take measures that are consistent with the provisions of this constitution, the NBTA Act of Incorporation and By-laws or any Act or regulation of the Province of New Brunswick, which it considers appropriate in order to endorse any policy adopted by it with respect to any question or matter directly or indirectly relating to the teaching profession. The Branch constitution is backed up with the above-mentioned policies and its intent does not conflict with any of these regulations.

Article IV - Objective

The branch intends:
a) to be co-operative with the Association to advance the cause of education in the province of New Brunswick.
b) to raise and keep the status of the teaching profession.
c) to promote to the public the high importance of having and maintaining progressive educational services. This is done through the Association.
d) to continue to urge the Association to promote and protect the best interest of teachers.
e) to urge the Association to provide advice to teachers with respect to their professional duties and relationships.
f) to establish close liaison between District office administration and the Branch.

Article V - Membership

a) Statutory membership is defined as any teacher employed by written contract in accordance with article 42 in the collective agreement.
b) A casual member is a dues paying certified supply teacher.
c) Associate, Honorary or Life memberships may be conferred as determined by the by-laws of the association, the Life Membership awarded to retiring teachers is an example of such.

Article VI - By-Laws

The branch may pass any by-laws that do not disagree with the constitution, Act of Incorporation or any by-laws of the association, or any regulation of the Province of New Brunswick. By-laws require a two-thirds majority vote respecting:

a) the election of the Executive officers , and Representative Council of the Branch and their duties.
b) the election of a Director for a three year term to serve as Director for both the NBTA and the NBTF and an alternate who will act in the absence or incapacity of the director, and members to serve on provincial committees of the association.
c) the management of the property and affairs of the Branch and its own internal organization and administration.
d) the levying and collecting of non-compulsory membership and other fees.
e) matters that may be deemed necessary or convenient for the management of the Branch and the promotion of its welfare or conduct of its business.

Article VII - Branch Meetings

a) Three general meetings a year will be held by our branch: an annual meeting between April 1 and May 31 of each year will be held with election of officers who will assume duties as of the following September. One meeting should be held in the fall and one meeting between January and April.
b) Additional general meetings may be held as desired.
c) A report of these meetings shall be forwarded to the Executive Director of the Association on forms provided on or before June 15th each year.
d) A Branch meeting may, by two-thirds majority vote, rescind, revoke, annul or overrule any acts or decisions taken or made by the executive committee.

Article VIII - Executive Officers

a) The executive officers of Branch 1724 consists of a President, Vice-president(s), Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, Director or Co-Presidents.
b) The officers are to be elected for two year terms, with the exception of the Director, in a manner determined by by-law.
c) All actions and decisions taken or made are in effect until annulled, revoked or overruled by branch meeting.

Article IX - Representative Council

a) The representative council shall consist of the executive officers, the chairpersons of essential committees and at least one school representative of each school in the Branch.

b) The Representative Council shall:

    (1) meet at the call of the president
    (2) direct and supervise the directives and business of the branch in the interim of meetings. If a member has questions or concerns or if there are policies of directives from the minutes of the Executive meetings and Branch meetings, the school representative will refer or answer for the member.
    (3) have such further powers and carry out such other duties as may be assigned to it by the branch from time to time.
    (4) report to the members on all actions or decisions taken or made by the Executive.
c) The Representative Council will meet on a regular basis as deemed necessary by the Branch.

Article X - Committees

a) Branch 1724 shall strike at least those committees deemed essential by NBTA. Presently that includes, Liaison, Professional Conduct and Standards, Grievance, and Professional Development.
b) The Branch Executive has authority to appoint other committees as deemed necessary

Article XI - Amendments

The articles of the constitution and/or by-laws of this branch may be repealed or amended if supported by at least two-thirds of the members at any regular or special meeting provided that due notice of the motion has been given to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

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