Schools Executive Constitution

Branch 1809
Articles of Constitution


The name of this organization shall be Nashwaak-Miramichi Branch 1809, herein after referred to as the Branch.

Article 2 - Objects

The objects of the Branch shall be:

(a) to support and participate in the activities of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association;

(b) to establish and maintain friendly relations among all members of the Branch;

(c) to advance the interests of education in the Branch and elsewhere;

(d) to assist in the Professional Learning of its members.

Article 3 - Membership

(a) Any teacher as defined in the Act of Incorporation of NBTA By-Laws, excepting active members of the AEFNB, shall be eligible for membership in the NBTA Branch.

(b) All persons who hold a certificate to teach, issued by the Minister of Education for the Province of New Brunswick, or who are on a Letter of Standing and have a valid teacher's license/certificate from another province in Canada; who are employed as supply teachers in any school in New Brunswick under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education; and while so employed, are not teachers under Section 16 of the Act of Incorporation.

(c) Any teacher who retires on pension while a member of the Branch in good standing shall be given an honorary life membership in the Branch but may not serve on the Executive Committee of the Branch.

Article 4 - Meetings

(a) The meeting for the election of officers shall be held between April 1 and May 31 of the school year and shall be called the Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

(b) There shall be a minimum of three meetings (general) of the Branch per school year.

(c) Notices of regular meetings, and when possible, special meetings, together with an agenda, should be sent to each school in the district at least one week prior to the date for which the meeting is called.

(d) A special meeting may be called by the President upon written request by five or more members of the Branch.

(e) A special meeting must be called upon the written request of ten or more members of the Branch.

(f) Quorum-Business shall not be conducted unless a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of 7 members.

(g) Regular meeting locations shall be rotated between schools within the Branch area determined by the executive.

Article 5 - Executive Committee

(a) The Executive Committee shall consist of a: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, Chair-persons of various committees within the Branch, and school representatives, all of whom are to be voting members. The Past-President and local members of Provincial committees or sub-committees will sit as non-voting members in an advisory capacity.

(b) A meeting of the Executive Committee may be called prior to each regular meeting at the discretion of the President.

(c) A quorum of Executive Committee shall consist of four members.

(d) Notification of each Executive Committee meeting shall be given to each school in the Branch prior to the meeting.

(e) Duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
    (1) to direct and supervise the business, property, and affairs of the Branch between Branch meetings in conformity with policies and directions of the Branch as appearing in the minutes of meetings of the said Branch.

    (2) to have such further powers and carry out such other duties as assigned to it by the Branch from time to time.

    (3) to initiate such action as is deemed necessary to fulfill the objects as stated in Article 2.

    (4) to report to the Branch on actions and decisions taken or made since the last meeting.

Article 6 - Elections

(a) The Nominating Committee will bring in a proposed slate of officers for the following school year. It shall be appointed at a general meeting preceding the Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

(b) The Nominating Committee shall present its written report for publication on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

(c) (1) Should there be two or more candidates for a position on the Executive Committee, the election shall be held by secret ballot.

(2) Voting by secret ballot shall proceed by dropping the nominee with the lowest number of votes until one candidate has obtained a clear majority (50% + 1).

(d) In the event of the resignation of any elected officer after the Annual Meeting, a by-election shall be held at the next general meeting.

Article 7 - Local Committees and Committee Chairpersons

(a) Committee chairpersons shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) In the event of a vacancy, the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint a Chairperson, subject to the approval of the next general meeting.

Article 8 - Amendments

(a) No change or changes in the Constitution may be made without notice of such change or changes having been announced at the preceding general meeting.

(b) The Constitution and/or by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of members present, provided that those present constitute a majority of the members in good standing and that notice of motion had been given at the previous general meeting.

(c) By-laws may be amended for extenuating circumstances by the Executive Committee, by a two-thirds majority vote, such action to be ratified at the next regular meeting by the general membership. Such ratification to be item number one of the agenda of the next regular or special meeting of the Branch.

1. The Articles and By-Laws of the Constitution shall be made available at the first general meeting in each school year.

2. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to preserve at least one copy of the Constitution with all amendments.

3. No member of the Branch shall hold the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer for more than two school years in succession, unless recommended and approved by the Annual General Meeting.

4. All business sessions of meetings shall be conducted according to "Roberts Rules of Order." A bank account shall be maintained and all Branch business of financial nature shall be transacted over signatures of the Treasurer and another designated member of the Executive.

5. At the invitation of the President, members of the Executive Committee may be seated on the stage during business meetings.

6. The President, in consultation with the Executive and membership, shall have the right to vary the general plan of any meeting, as they deem appropriate.

7. Except at the discretion of the President, no meeting of the Executive or of any other group of teachers organized for some particular purpose shall be scheduled to coincide with any part of the program of a general meeting with the exception of the social gathering.
    (a) Payment of transportation to meetings shall be the responsibility of individual teachers, not of the Branch.

    (b) Transportation of members of the Executive Committee attending meetings of that committee will be paid by the Branch at the provincial NBTA rate from their school to the place of meeting.

    (c) Authorized Branch representatives on duly authorized business may be compensated at the same rate as in section (b).
9. A membership book shall be purchased and a register of members in good standing shall be kept by the Branch Secretary from year to year.

10. It shall be the responsibility of the President and Treasurer to pay promptly all bills arising from normal Branch requirements and from activities authorized by the Branch membership.

11. Responsibilities for Branch Positions:
    The President shall:

    (1) be presiding officer of the Branch, Chairperson of the Executive Committee, and an ex-officio member of all committees;

    (2) have general supervision over all Branch affairs;

    (3) have authority to call special meetings connected with the general public or with the NBTA;

    (4) present at the Annual Meeting a report of the activities of the Branch since the previous Annual Meeting.

    The Vice-President shall:

    in the absence or disability of the President, perform all the duties of the President.

    The Secretary shall:

    (1) keep a careful record of the proceedings of all meetings and properly attend to the correspondence of the Branch,

    (2) see that members of the Representative Council receive notification of time, place and agenda at least one week in advance whenever possible.

    The Treasurer shall:

    (1) receive all Branch monies and deposit them in a chartered bank in the name of the Branch;

    (2) along with another designated executive officer, be a signing officer of the Branch and make all payments by cheque;

    (3) keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures and render a financial statement to the Annual Meeting;

    (4) cause the financial records of the Branch to be audited immediately prior to the Annual Meeting.

    The Director shall:

    (1) Liaison between Central Office and the Branch

    (2) Attend meetings of the Executive and Branch

    (3) represent New Brunswick teachers on the NBTA and NBTF Board of Directors.

    The Professional Learning Chairperson shall:

    (1) conducts Branch Professional Learning committee meetings;

    (2) oversees the creation of the PD component of the Branch AGM day;

    (3) liaises with the PD Chairs from branches 1826 and 1827

    (4) Oversees alternate proposals for Council Day.

    The Grievance Officer shall:

    (1) manage all grievances that come from the branch;

    (2) attend training when provided to deal with grievances;

    (3) work directly with the Federation to resolve issues within the branch.

    The Equity Representative shall:

    (1) identify, investigate and report on gender issues in education; ie. Sex-role stereotyping in counseling, the curriculum, extra-curricular programs, the delegation of responsibilities, the use of language and the encourage of behaviours at play and at work;

    (2) monitor and report on discriminatory practices in order to protect the rights of all individuals within the system

    (3) support NBTA policies related to discrimination and work toward a reduction in the number of incidents

    The School Representative shall:

    (1) Attend all Branch Meetings of the NBTA or have an alternate attend;

    (2) Report to his or her school any business undertaken at the Branch Meeting;

    (3) Bring to the meeting any NBTA interests of their school;

    (4) Create interest in the NBTA at the school level;

    (5) Provide the members of their staff with any information on NBTA that might be required, i.e. heads of local and provincial committees;

    (6) Inform teachers of communiqués during negotiations;

    The Ethics Committee shall:

    (1) consists of a jury of unbiased peers from within the branch

    (2) consist of a teacher from each school

    (3) investigate ethics charges and, when it deems necessary, require that the Provincial Committee conduct a hearing
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