Schools Executive Constitution

Branch 0217
Articles of Constitution

Article 1 - Name

The Name of this Branch shall be NBTA Branch 0217.

Article II - Authority and Responsibility

The Branch may take any measure not inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution, the NBTA Act of Incorporation of By-law, or any Act or Regulation of the Province of New Brunswick which it deems necessary in order to give effect to any policy adopted by it with respect to any question or matter directly or indirectly relating to the teaching profession.

Article III - Objectives

The objectives of the Branch shall be:

(a) to act in co-operation with the Association in advancing the cause of education in the Province of New Brunswick.

(b) to raise the status of the teaching profession.

(c) through the Association, to impress the public with the supreme importance of providing and maintaining progressive educational services.

(d) to appeal to the Association to promote and safeguard the interests of teachers and to provide advice to members in their professional duties and relationships.

(e) to establish close liaison regarding any problems that might arise between the Branch and the District School board or its administration.

(f) To maintain friendly relations and promote better understanding among the teachers of the area.

Article IV - Membership

(a) There shall be two classes of members - - active and honorary.

(b) Honorary members are to be retired teachers of the District and any other person designated by the Branch.

(c) Only active members shall be eligible to vote or to hold office.

Article V - Fees

A fee may be levied at a general meeting of the Branch as determined by the membership.

Article VI - Branch Meetings

(a) A Branch shall hold a minimum of three meetings a year (at least one meeting during the Fall term, at least one meeting between January and April, and an annual meeting for the election of officers to be held within three weeks before the A.G.M. of the NBTA). Additional meetings or sub meetings may be held as desired. A report of these meetings shall be forwarded to the Executive Director of the Association on forms provided on or before June 15 each year.

(b) Notice of Meetings, together with an agenda, shall be sent to each school of District 17 and to the NBTA director of the area at least seven days (where possible) before the date for which the meeting is called.

(c) A special meeting may be called by the President or will be called upon the written request of five active members of the Branch, the date for such meetings will be set within 7 days and the meeting will be held within 14 days of the request.

(d) Business shall not be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum be present.

(e) A quorum for a general meeting shall consist of at least fifteen active members.

(f) The executive shall hold at least one regular meeting during the year of which due notice shall be given by the Secretary under the direction of the President.

Article VII - Officers

(a) The officers of the Branch shall consist of a president, vice-president (s), secretary and treasurer.

(b) The officers are to be elected in a manner determined by by-laws.

(c) The executive committee shall consist of the officers, the immediate past president, the director, and any other named herein. The executive shall have the power to appoint a representative from a school that does not already have representation.

(d) The executive committees shall

    (1) meet at the call of the president;
    (2) direct and supervise the business, property, and affairs of the Branch between Branch meetings in conformity with the policies and directives of the Branch as appearing from the minutes of the meetings of said Branch.
    (3) have such further powers and carry out such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Branch from time to time.
    (4) report to each branch meeting on all actions and decisions taken or made by it since the last meeting; and
    (5) conduct business only if a quorum is present, a quorum being two-thirds of the executive.

Article VIII - Committees

(a) The Branch shall have four Standing Committeesł Professional Learning, Grievance, Professional Conduct and Standards, and Nominating.

(b) Representatives shall be appointed to officers of Pension, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Branch Communications, and any other office deemed necessary by the membership.

(c) Guidelines for Professional Learning Committee

    (1) The P.D. committee shall consist of at least four members - one representative from each school. A representative of the district office may be a member if the committee so decides and will have a vote. The committee may also permit a school board member to sit on their committee as voting member.

    (2) The P.D. committee shall be responsible for determining the needs of classroom teachers and for coordinating P.D. activities in the district and/or individual schools.

    (3) The P.D. committee shall be responsible for drafting the school calendar each year making proper time allocations for P.D. activities, parent-teacher interviews, school in-service, etc.

    (4) The P.D. Chairperson shall give a report at each meeting and at the annual meeting submit a written report of expenses for the year as well as a tentative schedule and budget for the next year.

    (5) The committee shall be given the amount of their budget at the first meeting of the school year. This budget shall be the UI rebate plus any other monies deemed necessary, by the general membership, to effectively conduct the P.D. activities for the school year. The committee shall reserve 60% of this budget for after-Christmas P.D. expenses.

    (6) Expenses shall be deducted from P.S. monies and to be considered the responsibility of the P.D. committee.
      i. Council fees and subsequent council expenses

      ii. Fees for speakers for P.D. and/or in-service activities

      iii. Monies paid to individuals attending conferences, in-service, etc., in other districts

      iv. Mileage for P.D. representatives to conduct district P.D. and/or in-service planning sessions.

      v. Monies allocated to groups or individuals in individual schools to develop new learning materials or other professional purposes to a maximum of $250.00 per school per year.

Article IX - Elections

(a) A nominating committee shall be appointed at the second to last meeting of each school year.

(b) The committee shall present a proposed slate of officers and other executive members at the Annual Meeting at which time further nominations may be made from the floor of the meeting.

(c) The election of any officer shall be by secret ballot if there are two or more nominees.

Article X - Amendments

(a) Notice of any proposed amendments to the constitution shall be given at the regular meeting preceding the one at which the motion of amendments is to be presented.

(b) Any amendment to the constitution may be passed by a two-thirds majority vote of the active members present at the meeting.

Article XI - Delegates

(a) Delegates to the annual NBTA Meeting (A. G. M.) shall be appointed in the spring.

(b) Where possible, the delegate shall be the incoming, or existing, President of the Branch.

Article XII - Duties of Officers

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings, shall be a member ex-officio of all committees and shall sign reports.

(b) The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President, and serve as Chairperson of the Professional Conduct and Standards Committee.

(c) The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and shall conduct all correspondence.

(d) The Treasurer shall receive all fees, pay all accounts, present a financial report at each meeting, and prepare an annual report.

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