Empowering education

We believe in the power of teachers to inspire students and elevate our community.


NBTA provides many opportunities for members to engage through areas of interest, including volunteering for committees.

What does a committee volunteer do?

  • commit for a minimum of a two-year term
  • attend up to three meetings per year
  • make recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • undertake duties as assigned by the Board of Directors

The following committees, organized by the quadrants of the NBTA Strategic Action Plan, have regular vacancies for which members can volunteer.

Professional Stewardship Quadrant
The goals of the professional stewardship quadrant are: (1) to ensure continued use of the Association’s resources in an environment of change; and (2) to promote professional responsibility and encourage professional relationships.

Receive nominations and determine recipients form the four major NBTA awards.

Identify and monitor strategic actions that will support the inclusion of those who represent marginalized communities within the K-12 public education system in NB.

Prepare and /or scrutinize expenditures, Auditor’s reports, dues structures, and budget as they pertain to the fiscal responsibilities of the Association.

Discuss major challenges facing administrators and recommend improvements to support administrators

Review and make recommendations pertaining to the Teachers’ Pension Plan, teacher certification, and teacher education programs.

Monitor all aspects of the NBTA elections, including the identification of potential candidates to be approached for the position of NBTA Vice-President or President-Elect.

Advertise, shortlist, and recommend shortlisted applicants for NBTA Administrative Staff Personnel to the Executive Committee.

Provide programming, support, and recommendations pertaining to early career teachers.

Oversee and carry out all responsibilities pertaining to the NBTA Code of Professional Conduct.

Combine all resolutions of a similar nature, make the necessary corrections without changing the intent of the resolutions, and advise the Branches concerning the form in which their resolution(s) will be presented to the Annual General Meeting or the reasons for their return

Enhancing Learning & Working Environments Quadrant
The goal of this quadrant is to influence the essential conditions for teaching and learning, so that all teachers and students within our inclusive education system have the proper supports to be successful.

Monitor and make recommendations pertaining to education support services such as behavior interventions, education policy, resource allocations and ISD.

Monitor and make recommendations on matters of curriculum, assessment, evaluation and professional learning.

Discuss major challenges facing supply teachers and recommend improvements to support supply teachers.

Promote/Support Public Education & the Teaching Profession
The goals of this quadrant are: (1) to enhance the status of the teaching profession and the
professional association with the membership, stakeholders, and the general public; and (2)
promote the importance and value of a high-quality, publicly funded education system.

Advise and make recommendations pertaining to the use of data and research for NBTA advocacy and to develop strategies for NBTA member engagement.

Advise and make recommendations pertaining to internal and external NBTA communications such as publications, public relations, and resources for School Reps.

Indicate your interest to serve on a committee when you register for the NBTA each year.

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