Empowering education

We believe in the power of teachers to inspire students and elevate our community.

About Us

The New Brunswick Teachers’ Association is the anglophone professional association and is the respected collective voice of its members. The NBTA works in collaboration with the NBTF (union), the AEFNB (francophone professional association), the EECD, and other stakeholders to advocate for the teaching profession, influence public policy, provide service, and offer opportunities for professional growth. The NBTA promotes a culture of belonging within the membership through its accessibility, visibility, informed and timely decision-making, and stream-lined communication.

Our Purpose

According to Section 18 of the Act of Incorporation, the objects of the NBTA are:

(a) to advance and promote the cause of education in the Province of New Brunswick;

(b) to raise the status of the teaching profession;

(c) to impress the public with the supreme importance of providing and maintaining quality educational services;

(d) to advise, assist, protect and discipline members in the discharge of their professional duties and relationships;

(e) to publish or assist in the publication of educational periodicals;

(f) to provide for, establish, subsidize and regulate branches of the Association throughout the Province;

(g) to co-operate with the Federation in the promotion of the interests of the teaching profession in the fields of salary and working conditions, certification and pension;

(h) to establish, subsidize and regulate councils; and

(i) to co-operate with the Department of Education and co-operate or affiliate with public organizations, societies, institutions and others in furtherance of the purposes set forth above.

A Brief History

The New Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA) was established in 1903 after several county-based teacher organizations joined forces to advocate for improved remuneration. Interest in the organization grew over time, and upon the association’s incorporation in 1942, membership became automatic for all New Brunswick teachers.

In 1970, with the formation of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation (NBTF), the focus of the NBTA shifted to the provision of services to English-speaking teachers in the areas of ethics, professional development, and curriculum. The NBTA represents its members locally and provincially in liaison with districts, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, universities, and other stakeholders. The NBTA also works with l’Association des enseignantes et enseignants francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick (AEFNB) through the NBTF to provide services related to economic welfare.

Today, the NBTA’s membership stands at over 6,000 teachers and has a staff consisting of a full-time president, six administrative personnel and seven full-time support staff.

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