Empowering education

We believe in the power of teachers to inspire students and elevate our community.

School Administrators and Leaders

The NBTA believes that all teachers are leaders in their schools and communities and recognizes the important role school leaders play in this province’s public education system. As a vital part of the NBTA membership, the Association is pleased to provide leadership and support to all principals, vice-principals and aspiring school leaders.

To achieve that goal, the NBTA Board of Directors is advised by a standing In-School Administration Committee that is guided by the following terms of reference:

  • Determine some of the significant issues, challenges, and problems facing administrators today;
  • Report regularly to the NBTA Board of Directors and recommend improvements to support in-school administrators in their efforts to meet the needs of students, staff and the system;
  • Make recommendations to the Board on ways the NBTA to deal with the concerns of in-school administrators; and,
  • Work with NBTA and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) to develop accessible professional learning opportunities on topics related to the work of in-school administrators.

This committee also selects the New Brunswick representative to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Principals (CAP). This national association has been the voice for principals, vice-principals and assistant principals since 1977 and strives to provide the leadership necessary to ensure quality educational opportunities for Canadian students.

In addition to these governance opportunities, the NBTA also takes great pride in providing a key leadership role in organizing a provincial menu of professional learning opportunities for school leaders through the NB LEAD Program. These learning opportunities are grounded in systemically identified leadership standards reviewed annually by a guiding coalition of local partners.

Want to know more? Check back soon to see a menu of the latest NB LEAD learning opportunities and supports.

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