New Brunswick
Teachers’ Association

The NBTA is a professional organization that serves its 6,000 teacher members and promotes the value of publicly funded education in New Brunswick.

NBTA Executive Committee

Each year, the Board elects five of its members to the NBTA Executive Committee.

The role of the NBTA Executive Committee is to:

  1. meet at the call of the President;
  2. direct and supervise the business, property and affairs of the Association between
    meetings of the Board of Directors, in conformity with the policies and directives of the Association and the Board of Directors as appearing from the minutes of the meetings of the respective bodies;
  3. have such further powers and carry out such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Board of Directors from time to time, and
  4. report to the Board of Directors on all actions taken and decisions made by it.
Connie Keating-Web


Connie Keating

Peter Lagacy 2021

Vice President

Peter Lagacy

Doug Bobbitt-Web

Acting Past President

Doug Bobbitt

Ardith Shirley-Web

Executive Director

Ardith Shirley

Barb Brown

Barbara Brown

Harmien Dionne-Web

Harmien Dionne


Christa Gallivan

Angela Hoogendyk 2021

Angela Hoogendyk

Kerri-Lea Ryder-Web

Kerri-Lea Ryder

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