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Get Involved in Your Association

The NBTA is a professional association, run for teachers, by teachers.

The NBTA operates thanks to hundreds of committed teacher volunteers who serve on its Board of Directors, committees, Councils and Branch Rep Councils.

The School Rep is the contact person in your school responsible for communication to and from the Branch Rep Council and between NBTA Central Office and school staff.

Branch Rep Council members and Branch Executive members conduct the business of the Branch. Local committee chairs (i.e. professional learning chair; retirement committee chair, etc.) may also be members of the Branch Rep Council and Executive Committee. Each Branch generally has a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and director(s).

Delegates to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the NBTA. These delegates are elected to represent the Branch in the NBTA AGM voting on all issues that affect policy and direction of the Association on behalf of the teachers of the province.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected in each Branch for a three-year term to represent the Branch at provincial Board meetings.

Standing committees support the work of the Board of Directors and provide advice and input on behalf of members. 

The NBTA President is a two-year full-time elected position. The teacher who holds this position acts as the official spokesperson for all Anglophone teachers in New Brunswick, chairs all Board meetings and represents teachers in a variety of fora. 

Elementary, Middle or High School Councils: These three groups organize the annual provincial Council Day, as well as contribute to various professional learning, curriculum, and assessment initiatives. 

Learn more about us in our member handbook

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