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Youth Justice Initiative for Schools

The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) is continuing its work with schools this year in providing information on youth justice. In addition, they would like to let teachers know about the wide range of free publications that are available on bullying, family issues, dating violence, sexual assault, consumer credit, women’s issues, family violence, language rights, etc.

The new Youth Criminal Justice Act is the cornerstone of a new system aimed at not just punishing youth crime, but also working preventatively and restoratively to remedy the underlying causes. PLEIS-NB has developed a number of publications, videos and teaching guides designed to educate young people, their parents and youth serving agencies about their roles in the new Youth Criminal Justice System. A Youth Justice Project Coordinator and Pro Bono law students are available to speak to students about the laws that govern them and the consequences of crime.

Further information is available by calling 506-453-5369 or email at pleisnb@web.ca.

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